Our Story


Founded by Denise and Cecille Phillipps, The Well Dressed Skater is a family-owned apparel designer specializing in costumes for figure skaters. It is our goal to add that sparkling element to your performance by providing high quality, eye-catching dresses that will leave you remembered even after you take ice. All garments are styled with high fashion concepts and cut with our exclusive patterns to ensure a comfortable, fitted silhouette.

Based in Los Angeles, we have been catering to the world's most glamorous sport since 2000. Our story began as a mom with a passion for sewing and a couple daughters who loved to skate. Together, we designed practice dresses to wear every week. Using the ice as our runway, our fashions quickly caught the attention of friends and coaches. Within a few weeks, we became the dress designer for several competitive skaters at our rink. 

By 2005, we were making dresses for clients from rinks across Southern California. In 2008, we had our first opportunity to work with senior-level skaters competing in National and International events, and in 2010 one of our costumes competed in the final Ladies Freeskate at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

Up until now, our journey has been supported by nothing more than business cards and word of mouth. However, we felt it was time to share our expertise and enhance the wardrobe of figure skaters worldwide!  

Our specialities include custom freeskate & ice dance dresses, ready-to-wear couture, and made-to-order designs. 

All dresses are designed and made in Los Angeles, CA.